Scrimshaw Co began even before either founder set their first hook, long before 2 childhood friends enjoying the last days of summer, sat down at a Montauk eatery tossing around ideas while watching lobsterman count their days pots and enjoying a plate of clams casino. Two friends from seemingly different worlds, 1 an international DJ/Music Producer and the other a Motorcycle aficionado, racer, and builder, took a shared interest in fishing and love for the ocean. Drawing upon their varied backgrounds to create something fresh for folks that crave early mornings canyon runs and the rush of monster Mako's running out line.
Finding nothing in the way of apparel that appealed to fisherman in their age demographic and style, the duo decided to launch Scrimshaw Co "Ocean Artisans"
In 2010 they decisively focused their efforts on a suitable line that would capture the general aesthetic of the do it yourself generation, the blue collar, no glamour and all guts attitude.
Being a Motorcycle Builder, and graphic designer working outside the box gave Marco the appreciation of attention to detail, while John Johns creative style producing music follows the flow of each print. The pride in which each garment is designed and manufactured brings to light the true passion and soul of its creators. Dedicated to keeping the company a deeply rooted structure, Scrimshaw Co. remains a 2 man operation, a new age Mom and Pop shop, where quality means everything and integrity is a company value.
Each garment in the current line, is designed right here in The USA on Long Island NY and Manufactured on the shores of the Hudson River in Newburg NY.
We are not your Grandfathers fishing shirt, but we do instill his values.